We invite you to the wonderful world of the Bible!

The staff at TransWorld Radio — Ukraine would like YOU to join us to study the ENTIRE Bible, verse-by-verse, together with experienced pastors, preachers, and seminary teachers!

The ongoing study is archived online as a 24/7 audio resource and also as a daily 30 minute radio program, in both the Ukrainian and Russian languages. The first months of programs have been completed and you can hear them on our site

Our program is for:

  • Christians who are unable to attend Church and want to hear solid Biblical teaching;
  • Church members of different denominations, learning to unite as fellow followers of Christ;
  • Residents of big cities and remote towns and villages.
  • People becoming interested in the Bible for the first time.

Our goal:

With the help of facilitators, guests and teachers of the Bible, we want to create the atmosphere of a Bible study group where everyone feels welcome.

 We aim to:

  • outline important spiritual truths in simple language, in a contemporary and understandable manner;
  • show the value of the Bible to unbelievers;
  • get Christians interested in an in-depth study of the Scriptures so they can further explore the Word of God on their own, learning to ask the right questions to the text;
  • show people the value of the Word of God in their daily life;
  • encourage Christians to create small Bible study groups where they study the Word of God using our audio materials.

What does the “Let’s study the Bible together” program look like?

  • It’s a 30 minute format.
  • Instead of a host’s monologue, it’s a conversation between two or three Bible-trained specialists.
  • A diversity of teachers and theological schools will provide diversity of ideas and opinions but centered on one common topic;
  • The Bible is studied verse by verse;
  • Controversial Bible verses are presented from several sides; this approach will assist in teaching toleration and respect for differing views on non-essentials, while teaching a balanced method in study.
  • We will not advocate a specific doctrine or denominational emphasis. Our sincere desire is to hear what the Lord says through His Word.

YouTube version:

We record 2-5 minute video trailers in order to encourage the audience to listen to the full audio version of the program. Videos are available on our channel  as well as on Facebook and social media. 

Who is preparing the program?

It is a multi-structured, multi-level project that involves a large number of highly qualified people, most of whom work on a volunteer basis without fees and payment.  

The high theological level of  “Let’s Study the Bible Together” program is provided by:

• more than fifty university teachers, people with academic degrees working in seminaries and Christian universities, experts in ancient languages, history and archaeology;

• the three largest educational institutions located in Ukraine: Kiev Theological Seminary, 

 Irpin Biblical Seminary and Odessa Theological Seminary;

• all TWR Ukraine staff;

• Christian brothers and sisters from local churches composing questions to the Biblical texts.

The structural basis and breakdown of the Bible into programs by topic is provided by:

• materials from Dallas Seminary in Texas;

• materials of leading theologians of Ukraine.

***A strong feature of “Let’s study the Bible together” is that all the studies are available FREE online!! Just go to the website and you can listen or download as a podcast, whenever you wish, day or night!

Times: Weekdays, Monday through Friday on local radio, and synchronously online.

Also distributed on micro SD cards to TWR subscribers.

****During the COVID-19 pandemic, “Let’s Study the Bible Together” program allows thousands of Christians and unbelievers to study the Word of God while being isolated from their communities and churches.

Financing for the program:

For the preparation of a 30 minute program we spend approximately 50. US dollars. This includes:

— transportation costs;

— a modest fee for some speakers,

— salary of office employees.

Invited speakers provide their materials on a voluntary basis.

Costs for production of 5 programs per week, approximately 250 US dollars.

(This amount does not include payment for radio air-time which is currently covered by the European TWR department.)

Would you like to sponsor a month – a week – a day of production costs?

Your gift will impact thousands of people learning to study the Scriptures, for many years to come. 

Canadians receive a tax-deductible receipt by making your check payable to “World Outreach”. 

U.S. residents, make checks payable to “European Christian Mission” (a charitable tax receipt will be provided).

 Mail all checks to: 10702 Santa Monica Place, Delta, BC  Canada  V4C 1R2